Saturday, June 2, 2012

5 miles; Valley Forge Loop

After last night's storms it was hard to imagine what today would be like. In a word - fantabulous. Bright sunshine, clear blue skies, low temps and low humidity. In fact, I think the humidity was much lower than the had said it would be. If you have to run the Valley Forge loop this is the kind of day to do it.

I polled my red group runners before heading out and the overwhelming consensus was 2 min run/1 min walk so that's what we did. We spread out after about a mile but there were enough timers to go around I think. I ran with Roy "Attitude of Gratitude" Kardon and a new member Sheri Thompson. Sheri timed into the orange group but wanted to run with red today because her allergies were bugging her. I love when people take the 'you can run with who you want in what group you want' thing seriously. It will make their season that much better. Roy, our walking coach the last two years is no 'officially' a runner and loving it. This was his first time with intervals and he told me it was a revelation to him.

I had an awesome run. I arrived early and ran a little around the parking lot and was in the middle of my stretching routine when folks started arriving. I felt a little tight early in the run but the first part of VF is uphill so that is to be expected. I really have to keep working that left hamstring. After the run I didn't do as much stretchign as I should have. It was just too busy. I went through the whole routine once I arrived home and again just an hour ago when I felt it tighten up again. I'm going to have to add some serious stengthening excercises soon.

It was a great day for a run. I'm still flying a little high partly because I had a good run but a lot because so many Phillyfitters did too! Like I said, if you are going to The Loop. This was the kind of day to do it.

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