Saturday, May 19, 2012

1/2 mile run; 1 minute walk

Just a brief update. I ran out ahead of our Phillyfit meeting today to mark the trail in one direction. It was a little chilly but I warmed up quickly. The first marker needed to be placed at the 1/2 mile mark where the trail splits and I didn't want any new folks getting lost. So I started a slow jog to that mark. I felt great! I made my marks and decided to try for another 1/2 mile before walking. Again it felt great. I wasn't pushing it. I continued this trend out the 1.5 mile turn around and then back to the start.

My hamstrings are still tighter than they should be. I have to work harder or more often I guess on the stretches. But things are moving along.

It was another gorgeous morning for a run and I know that helped. :)


  1. Great news Paula, glad to hear you are progressing. I agree - what a beautiful morning for a run.

  2. YEAH!!! You're making great progress on the road to recovery. Very exciting!