Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wimp or Warrior

Is it real or is it memorex? Ok showing my age with that one. But that's what I was thinking during my run tonight. Stretches - 3 miles with a one minute walk after each mile - followed by more stretches. My time for the run was 1.5 minutes faster than Saturday's 3 miles but I took less walk breaks so that makes sense.

HOWEVER.... right at the start I felt twinges and aches. No pain just aches. Left leg between knee and hip in the front (that's a new one) and the outside of right foot and a little on the outside of the right hip (the opposite one from the current issues) It all went away after about half a mile. I just kept slowing down until it did.

My fear is knowing whether these are phantom or real. Are they something I should worry about? Last time I had aches that went away after running some it turned out to be a major problem. I know I'm hypersensitive right now to anything that doesn't feel right. Trying to balance between being a wimp and doing the right thing is a little unnerving.

For now I'm going to keep tracking the aches and twinges (real or not) and see what happens.

I do have to say that stretching after my workouts has brought very positive results.I can't put it in words except to say I can tell the difference. And 3 hours later I have no soreness, aches or twinges. I can get up and walk without wobbling.

Yeah, I know. I'm old. Deal with it :)


  1. Nice to see someone else who obsesses over whether a pain is real or phantom. As for the post run stretching, I never realized how tight my hamstrings and back were after running until I started doing post run stretches. My sister Nancy's trainer says post run stretch is way more important than pre run stretching.

    As for being old - I'm right there with you and no, I don't want to deal with it either.

  2. I agree the post run stretch is more effective. My pre run stretch is light and easy on the doc's recommendation. The injury needs a little more attention. Ideally we should all go slow for about a 1/2 mile and then stretch and then finish our work but that never seems to work out so I do it before.