Monday, April 2, 2012

Injury Update

I've resisted writing anymore until I could get some clearer answers. Here's where I am.

Last Tuesday I went to see my GP; well actually one of the doctors in the practice. Dr. Montgomery was not one I had seen before. However, she was the best one so far. If I am ever sick again I will wait to get an apppointment with her. She was kind and thorough. She recommended a specialist in the practice, Dr.Huang who was equally thorough. I saw him today. Dr.Montgomery's initial diagnosis was likely a muscle imbalance. But she deferred any xrays until Dr.Huang could have a look.

In advance of the appointment I had to fill out a 4 page questionnaire asking me everything imaginable about the part that hurt but also every other joint and muscle in my body. Dr.Huang spent almost an hour going over the form, asking more questions and doing some work with both legs. I won't go into the details here but I was impressed (and I didn't have to take off anything but my shoes!). Dr. Huang says my hamstrings are the primary cause; they are too tight. I do not have as much flexibility as I could. In turn that has affected my hip flexors and hence the pain. He recommended physical therapy for a few weeks then come back to see him after. I have an appointment for that next Monday although they said they'd try to get me in sooner if something opened up.

Dr. Huang also recommended an xray to be sure nothing is torn. Although likely not given the amount of movement I do have wihtout pain and that the pain has lessened with time. He also said the xray will likely show arthritis in the hip which would explain the weakness. He suggested my next car be an automatic. :)

So the Lehigh Valley Half is out but I with patience and following the PT and DR advice I will run again. :) In the meantime, if it hurts don't do it but otherwise keep moving and keep smiling. :)

I'm disappointed about the race but the upside is I will get to see Emma cross the finish line instead of coming in much later after her. :)


  1. Bummer, but so jealous of what sounds like an amazing doctor! I could really use one of them these days. That and a rocking PT. Hope your PT is as good as your doc and can't wait to hear all about Emma crossing that finish line!

  2. I know it's April - but I think you need to get the frog hat from Emma before the race so she can find you in the crowd!