Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Relax and Focus

So Monday was my first visit to the PT. After some talk he put me through a bunch of exercises and manipulations and concurs with Dr. Huang that my hamstrings are to tight. In fact, his reaction to that test was almost word for word with the same intonation as Dr. Huang that I laughed out loud when he said it. Mike, the PT, also says my glutes are too weak (not what a girl wants to hear,really) and my pelvis isn't rotating properly. Ok whatevr, as long as it can all be fixed. Mike showed me a series of excercises to stretch muscles and strengthen my core and recommended that I do them twice a day. So now I'm up at 5:15 doing these and then again when I get home from work. I'm determined to get back running and I'm pretty much convinced that I'll run better if I get through all this. I'm using my gymboss to keep track of the timing on the excercises sominstead of having to watch a clock or count I'm trying to focus my mind on what I'm doing. It's actually kind of relaxing. I can't say I look forward to getting up early or heading to do them right after getting home from work but once I'm started I'm good. I go on Friday to check in learn the next set of excercises.

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