Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have to accept the fact that I should not be running right now. The groin pull/strain/who knows for sure is not manageable anymore. During my last three runs, incliuding Saturday's 10 miler, it hurt - not stop running hurt - but definitely "hello pay attention to me hurt" Last night I could not find any sleep position that didn't hurt. :( Today I can't walk well. If I stand still it will hold my weight but as soon as I begin the motion of walking my leg gives out from. under me. When siting I can't get up without support. I don't have the strength to push up. Just now I couldn't lift it up on to the couch to put my legs out in front of me. Lehigh Valley is 5 weeks away. I've decided to take two solid weeks off from running. At the end of this week, if I don't see significant improvement I'll go to the doctor. I'm really hoping rest, ice an elevation as much as I can get away with will help. I should probably wrap it but I'm not sure what the best way would be to do that. *sigh*. Trying to find the silver lining- I'll use this time to get some Philyfit organization going. Just coming off the conference I've got a lot of ideas so it's good timing. Right? Stay tuned.

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