Friday, January 6, 2012


Ok so I can't count. I thought my half marathon this past November was my 10th. Turns out it was only my 9th. Here's the count of half marathons:

2008; PDR
2009; PDR, Philly Half
2010; Disney, PDR, Hershey
2011; PDR, OCNJ, Philly Half

I had to go count the medals and the hat (OCNJ) to be sure this time since I can't trust my head.

The good news is that April 29, 2012 will be my 10th.... and Emma's 1st! I like the eveness that. It appeals to my sense of balance. :)

Oh and today was day 20. The hardest one so far but I did my mile after work and the habit continues.

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