Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 21: Trail running!

I had the best time trail running with Phillyfit today. You can read about it here.

Day 21. Three weeks of running every day. I had 8 on my schedule. I don't think I quite got there. It was a little over 7 I think. All my gadgets failed me today. My watch measured .1 and then froze. After running about 5 (according to a friend's measurement) with the trail group I went out for another 2 or so. My friend John T came with me. We were planning to do 3 and 1's after running most of the 5 on the trails. My gymboss reset itelf again. It worked but not properly. *sigh*.

I ran in old shoes today know that we would get dirty and possibly wet. The shoes are not  completely spent but I will have to decide soon if I want to purchase trail shoes or just keep running on my regular shoes which may mean they will wear out quicker. That's a decision for another day though. I had too much fun on the trails to think about that now.

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