Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday night running group

I decided to try the Running Place Monday night group run tonight. They meet at the store at 6:45 and run around the Newtown Square area in the vicinity of Marple Newtown High School. The store has been supportive of our group so I knew I would know at least one person in the group; Patti or Bill the owners.

When I arrived I asked what paces they had going. One group ran 9:15's. That was definitely out. Another group was doing run/walk using 60 second walk and 90 second run. I wanted to do more than that. The other group said they ran 10:30. I knew that was a bit much for me but I went with them anyway. I figured I could find my way back on my own. I'm not unfamiliar with the area. So off I went with Eleanor and Alex. We chatted a bit to start but after about a mile I was content to listen to their chatter. The pace was pushing it for me but this was going to be 4 miles at most and I should push the pace sometimes or i'll never get faster.

In the end we averaged 10:54 over 3.75 miles. I fell a little behind them on the way back but not so far that a good burst of speed wouldn't have closed the gap. I felt the pace in my breathing but my legs felt fine. I will go back.

Day 23 and still going.

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