Saturday, January 14, 2012

8 Miles at Forbidden Drive

I began my day today with 7 other Phillyfitters. We had fun running along the left bank (coming off Northwestern Avenue) of the Wissahickon Creek. You can read about that part of my monring here.

As a group we turned around just past the Valley Green Inn at the 2.5 marker on the trail. At the 1 mile marker I told the group I was heading back out again. I wanted to complete 8 miles today. We were at 4.25 and I was concerned that if I went back to the start with them I would be tempted not to go back out again.

I went back out to the spot where we came down off the trails. I remembered that we were at 2.75 there so if I went back along the trail that way I’d be just over 8 miles when I finished. I also knew the trail would keep my mind off the miles and provide natural walk breaks ..or climb breaks anyway.

Without my friends to guide me (friends who had run these trails before) I wandered off the actual path a few times but not far. Every so often I’d realize I was picking my way through tree roots and rocks when there was a smoother path just below or above me. I enjoyed the run and took some extra pictures on the way back (see below). The sun was higher now than when we made our first pass so many of the icy spots were now less slippery but as a result more muddy. It was fun :)

Shortly after getting onto the trail I met two bikers. I had just come down a particularly rocky portion and they were standing there looking up. I said, “Good luck with that”. They laughed. As I approached Bells Mills Road (the end of the trail) I saw two guys running toward me. I’m pretty sure it was these same two people. The one had bright red hair and beard. Kind of hard to miss. I didn’t ask but I’m guessing they locked up the bikes and decided to run out Forbidden Drive and then back along the trail to their bikes.

I saw a few people and their dogs. All were friendly thank goodness (the dogs and the people). One woman had three golden retrievers with her. None on a leash and all disappointed that I did not want to stop and play. It was a good outing. I feel good.

Day 28 and counting…. Here are some photos from today's run.

Me and my shadow

Either somebody decided this log was too large to jump
Or they wanted a seat to watch the falls to the left.

The group came down these steps
I went back up

Pretty isn't it?

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