Tuesday, January 3, 2012

4 miles, 2 hills (twice each), Wind Chill 17

I had way too much fun on this, day #17. I wanted to do a hill workout so I ran a route that takes me on two hills in Media. Edgmont Road is a long slow climb for 5 blocks and 8th Street is a short steeper climb for 2 blocks. In between the two the route is up and down as well but much shorter pieces than either of those. In fact, the ones in between are just short enough to give me a burst then a break. Two circuits of this route then back home is just shy of 4 miles so I run down my street and back to make it 4. My average pace was under 12 the entire way. I think I could have run harder. So now, I have something to shoot for next time.

I love cold weather running. I discovered that last year actually. I thought maybe it was just the snow but there hasn't been any snow yet (unless you count the freak storm on Halloween which I don't because it was gone in hours). I feel strong in the cold and things don't hurt as quickly. I guess the cold keeps the swelling down in my old joints. Whatever it is, I'm having fun.

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