Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 15; Why am I doing this?

Today was day 15. I ran 4 miles with friends to start off the New Year. I had planned to do 3. Funny thing about running with a group. I did 4 and felt great. Had I been alone I probably would have struggled through the 3.

I have been asked several times since I started, "Why are you doing this?" (the consecutive days of running). There are several reasons. (If you've been reading this blog you may find a lot of this post repetitive.) First, after the year I had in 2011 I knew I needed a 'no excuses' approach to running. I needed to create a habit so that no matter how cold, rainy, hot or yukky it might be I would go out for at least something. I've set the threshhold at 1 mile. Even on my worst day I can run a mile in less than 13 minutes and usually average about 11.5. I figure how hard can it be to get out for 11.5 -13 minutes a day. I've joined the 100 Days Challenge on FB (John Bingham's page) so on the days I only go out for less than 3 miles I will have to find other things to do 'intentionally' to make up the time.

Another reason for wanting to get a running habit started is my goal of getting to under 2:17 for the half marathon. I did that in 2009 at the Philadephia Half Marathon. I've not come close since. So what was different then? Simply put, I was running more. I had signed up for the 2010 Goofy Challenge and I was so afraid of not making it that I pushed harder. I wasnt getting out every day back then but I was running more and harder than I did in 2011. I felt better too. I was in better shape and weighed less.

I am currently signed up for 2 half marathons and I have a total of  5 (maybe 6 ) that I'd like to do this year.

Lehigh Valley Half - April 29 (with Emma) - already signed up
1/2 Saur 1/2 Kraut - June 29
Pennsbury Half - End of August. This is the maybe race.
Rock N Roll Phlly Half - September 16 - already signed up
Ocean City NJ Half - September 29
Philly Half - November 18

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