Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Running a Half Marathon with My Daughter

I am excited. Emma has decided that she wants to run a half marathon and she wants to run it with me. About a month ago she sent me a message saying she wanted to and this past weekend we settled on the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon on April 29.

I am honored that she wants to do this with me. Her interest has given me renewed energy to train and major incentive to work hard this winter so that she won't leave me in the dust. Although this will be her first distance race she is 30 years younger than I. I know she'd wait for me at the end if we get separated but I'd love to see her through the whole race. I've written her a schedule and perhaps we can run some of the longer training runs together. Since we live about 45 min - an hour away from eachother that won't be easy but I'm sure we can work something out for a couple of weeks.

So motivated was I to keep up with training that I went out last night to run in the dark in the rain. I had appropriate reflective gear and a headlamp of course. I ran 4 miles without stopping (except at a few traffic lights) and felt awesome. Very different from Saturday when I struggled through run/walk intervals. Go figure. One run at a time :)

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