Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Power of a Running Buddy

Today was my first run since the Philly Half on November 20th. I met John T at Forbidden Drive and we set out for a 5 mile run (roughly to Valley Green and back). I was really looking forward to this run today. I found myself getting really excited about the idea last night as I went to bed. No dread of the early alarm on a Saturday morning. I was psyched. My enthusiasm for running had returned. I lost it somewhere over the summer.

The morning dawned exceptionaly bright and clear. I arrived at the entrance to the trail about 7:45 and stayed in the car until I saw John coming down the street. It was in the low 30's and the car was warmer. John arrived and off we went.

We decided to run the first mile before taking a walk break then go for 1/2 mile chunks after that. Well at the first mile my legs felt great. In fact, they felt great the entire morning and could have gone for more. My lungs on the other hand were not happy campers at all. I was failing the talk test miserably. I wish I could say I have a cold and let that be the reason. I don't. We weren't going to fast either. We averaged just under 12 minute miles for the run which is about right for me for a Saturday run.

Plain and simple, I am paying for my two weeks off with no exercise whatsoever. I've got my mental mojo back but I have some work to do regaining my aerobic strength. No problem. One run at a time.

It's a very good thing I was out with John this morning. The temptation to turn around at mile 1 would have been great had I been alone.
5.21 miles
11:55 average pace
Clear; about 34 degrees at the start.

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