Thursday, December 22, 2011

Running Streak

I hear all the time about people who have - or are starting - running, walking or other fitness streaks. I even signed up for one on Facebook. I'm not even sure why I did it. I will either keep one going on my own or not. I guess I did it for support. It will be fun to read what others do to keep their streak going and be motivated by the group mentality. Afterall, that's really what USAFit/Philly is all about isn't it? The power of the group helps keep you going. (Hmmm I think this is the beginning of a post over there). Focus, Paula.

The "I love to Run" streak starts January 1st encouraging folks to put in 1 mile per day. I decided to start mine already and 4 days later I really do think it has made a difference. I ran 3 miles on Sunday. On Mondays I get home late and I was tired and it was cold but I was thinking about the streak so after dinner I went for a 1 mile power walk. I ran again on Tuesday and Wednesday 3 miles each.

I also tried something different for Tues and Wed. I brought my running clothes to work with me and changed there. My thought was if I get home already dressed to run I'm less likely to bag it. I'm not sure if that helped or not but I did run immediately after getting home both days.

This morning I woke up extremely tired. Bone tired would be a good description. My legs hurt a little too. Not injury hurt. They are sore because I don't usually run this many days in a row. And I have not taken any walk breaks. (except for Monday of course). I know I'll run after work today. I might only do a mile but I have no thoughts of skipping it. I like this. :)

I've thought ahead to some events coming up that might normally disrupt my running schedule. But all I need is one mile a day to keep my streak alive. Even walking, I can finish a mile in less than 15 minutes. How hard can it be to find 15 minutes a day.

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