Saturday, October 15, 2011

Moving forward

10 miles today. We ran the loop then over to the 2 mile tree on River Trail at Betzwood and back. I ran with Elaine and Mary. The loop was windy (but not as windy as it likely was later).

I'd rate this run a 2.5. I wasn't entirely comfortable to make it a 2 but not stressed enough to call it a 3.

I rolled my feet on a tennis ball before heading out in the morning and I think that may have helped with the plantar fasciatis. I've been rolling the tennis ball while sitting at my desk at work during the week as well. I'm still having tightnes in my left hamstring. I was only a slight pain at the beginning. Mostly just a naggin annoyance. By mile 8 though it became really bothersome. I must do a better job of stretching it before I run. Probably a warm up walk and some stretching. I'm also going to get a foam roller. So many people say good things about them. I did a little research online about how to use one and it seems like a good idea. At the very least it won't do any harm.

I'm looking forward to the yoga class on Wednesday. I've never tried yoga but I've read that it's good weight bearing excercise and good for flexibility; something these old bones could really use. Let's just hope I don't lose my nerve about going.

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  1. Another thing I like for a sore heel is a frozen water bottle (well marked: "this is for Mom's feet!"). Same principle as the tennis ball, but icy. And yes, the foam roller is nothing but good. It'll make your hamstrings sing!