Thursday, October 20, 2011


40 minutes on Sunday; 2 mile walk on Monday; 45 minutes on Tuesday; off Wednesday and 25 minutes with only 2 walk breaks today. I've set the bar to zero now and will be taking it one day at a time for now.

A friend wrote in her blog a week or so ago about giving herself permission to walk and that's how she is going to get through the marathon coming up. I've given myself permission to suck** and that's how I'm not being disappointed in my workouts right now.

My goal was to be out 4 days this week and I did.

I will take off tomorrow and I'm supposed to run 10 miles on Saturday. I'm setting up a water stop for one of Phillyfit's new runners who is doing her 21 miler early. The water stop is out on the mostly gravel part of the trail. I'm going to drive out there and run 3 out and back from there. I'm hoping the grave (which I prefer) will feel better. At any rate it is motivating me to not just bag the whole thing. Yes, I know that's only 6. But I want to make sure I will be finished before the runner gets to the stop. If all goes well I'll do another 4 after group meeting or later in the day.

**Yeah i know that's harsh but I can't find another word at the moment. The important thing anyway is that I'm not giving up completely.

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  1. Good for you getting in what you are with where you are. Every step counts.

    I have not been able to find my groove since the OC race. Only ran 3 times since then. Hoping to get out tomorrow. Total funk. :-P