Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Physically I am recovering much quicker from 39.3 miles this past weekend than I did from 26.2 miles in November 2008. I stopped walking like a penquin Monday morning and today (Wednesday) I don't have any pain in my legs anymore. I probably would feel it if I ran but I'm fine walking. I'm at least a day ahead of my recovery from the first marathon.

I'm content to not be running right now I'm tired. I am happy to come home and not be rushing back out to run or go to the gym. I know I will go back out but for now I'm happy to be taking a break.

I'm on vacation next week and I think I'll give myself that week off too and start up when I return.

I'll also decided then what my next event will be. I may go for a spring half marathon and save my next marathon for Philly in November. I think I spoke earlier about doing a full in the Spring but I don't think I want to push that much. I'll probably go for another half and work on some upper body strength at the same time.

Stay tuned.

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