Sunday, January 31, 2010

January is in the books

The Goofy Challenge was really an awesome event. That was the extent of my exercise this month. I did go on vacation (A Disney Cruise no less) and had a wonderful time. I rested and enjoyed myself immensely. The plan to get back to running and the gym has been sidetracked by health issues. My laryngitis attach which started at Christmas evolved into a full blown sinus/cough issue. I've been to the doctor and I'm on a steroid pack. I have to go back after two weeks to see what's wrong with my voicebox.

A sinus issue would not normally stop me dead in my tracks like this. Unfortunately, the cough is serious and keeps me up at night. I've had a slight tightness in my chest as well and the combo has left me with little or no energy. The weather has been in the teens with single digit wind chills which isn't inviting when I'm fully healthy! I really want to get back to things this week. Somehow I'm determined.

I signed up for the Garden Spot Half Marathon on April 10th.

I've been keeping busy trying to organize USAFit/Philly. There's so much to figure out and do all at the same time. I'm enjoying it but it's a bit mentally intense right now trying to keep track of it all.

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