Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goofy Challenge Part II

Temperature at start below 30
Temperature at end about 41

5 Mile in 01:03:29 (NET). Pace: 12:41
10 Mile in 02:06:41 (NET). Pace: 12:40
20 Mile in 04:39:00 (NET). Pace: 13:57
Finish in 06:12:28 (NET). Pace: 14:12

Things to feel good about:
- I finished; which is all I wanted to do anyway
- I was smiling at the end
- I kept moving (duh or I wouldn't have finished)
- Although I hit the wall at mile 18 (as I did in my first marathon 14 months ago) this time I had run a half marathon the day before so definitely in better shape
- At mile 20 I broke through the wall; something I never did in the first marathon

At mile 18 I was pretty depressed and wondered how I was going to take USAfit/Philly through a next season when (at that moment) I was swearing off marathons. There are certain things you shouldn't do in that state - thinking about the future is one of them. Kinda like you shouldn't think about things too much when you wake up and can't sleep in the middle of the night; it'll never come out well.

So I doubt I'll do another Goofy (notice I did not say never) I will be ready to work with USAFit/Philly next season.

All in all it was a positive experience and except for the huge blister on my right foot and slow walking, I'm good to go.

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