Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goofy Challenge Part I

Temperature: hovering around 32
Precipitation in the form of freezing rain/sleet/some snow

5K in 00:34:11 (NET). Pace: 11:00
10K in 01:10:45 (NET). Pace: 11:23
15K in 01:48:28 (NET). Pace: 11:38
Finish in 02:35:43 (NET). Pace: 11:52

I estimated a 12 min pace allowing for:
Stopping for pictures
Walking if necessary (it was on the last hill)
Taking it easy to save for the marathon tomorrow

I probably could have started out slower but I was comfortable and at no time did I feel like I was pushing or really hurting. I had breakfast at 3:00 and the didn't start the race until after 6. I should have brought something to extra to eat while waiting in the start corral. I didn't take a gu until mile 3; which was early by under most conditions but probably too late for this. I had another gu at mile 8 but I was already behind and by mile 10 I was feeling really hungry. Although I took water at all but the first stop I don't think I was properly hydrated either. I think that added to the feeling of hunger and when I stopped running I felt a little dizzy. So I have things to work on for tomorrow.

Considering I haven't run at all since Saturday January 2nd and that the last signficant run of any length was December 13th (20 miles in the cold rain), I think I did well. Despite the improper fueling and hydratiion I felt good mentally and my ankle and hip held up well. Just a little twinge early on that was more due to the cold than anything else. My back was tight around mile 10 so I stopped to stretch and it was fine after that.

The hardest part of the day wasn't getting up at 3; it was waiting in the corrals in the cold with wind and wet stuff coming down. Once we got started it was fine.

Marathon tomorrow! :)

If you want to read the more descriptive version of the run see my other blog.

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