Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A new job

Well it's official now. Tonight the gatorade jug was passed from Helen to me; that and a boatload of other stuff that i'll need to be the organizer for USAFit/Philly in 2010. Helen graciously spent some time with me this evening answering some questions. I'm sure i'm fretting more than necessary but that's my nature. She was great in making me feel at ease and not laughing... Now I have to digest and organize all the information, plan some marketing efforts and get ready for the USAFit organzers meeting in March. There will be plenty more to say about this later.

But before that there is the Goofy Challenge. 11 days to the half marathon, 12 days to the full. 8 days until we leave for Orlando. The first obstacle will be getting through airport security with all the new hubub about terror plots.

I ran another 5 miles last night. The winds had started to pick up before I finished and today they were really bad. Gusts over 40 mph and bitter cold. I'm glad I had an appointment withe Helen; it was a good excuse not to run. I'll likely not run tomorrow either as we are expecting Jimmy to visit.

My plan for the rest of the time is to run some on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Take Sunday and Monday off. Run 3-5 miles on Tuesday. Wednesday is a travel day. Then a short run on Thursday in Florida just to get used to the climate change. At the very least it will not be as cold there as it is here... and it could be more humid.

Although that is my plan, I will also be listening to my body and making day to day decisions. I had a nasty bug most of last week and my voice is still affected and there is still some mucus issues. I don't want to relapse and be sick on race day(s).

I received my final email from WDW today. Lots of information about the races. I still have to digest most of it. It's hard to believe it's so close!

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