Sunday, December 27, 2009

5 miles by sheer will...

This sore throat yukky feeling isn't going away without a fight. I kept trying to get up this morning and kept falling back to sleep. Finally at 9 I got up to the bathroom and talked myself into staying up. I put on my running clothes made the bed and went downstairs for some breakfast. I decided that i'd go out at 10 for 3 miles and try to make it 5. At 10:01 I crawled back to the couch and lay down. A minute later I dragged myself up and went out. The sun was shining today.. so much better than the past three days. I managed 5 miles and for about an hour after, I felt great. Then it was back to sleep. The road to Goofy is going to be rough the next two weeks. Keep smiling and keep moving right? I hope that works.

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