Saturday, November 14, 2009

USAFIT Philly Final Weekend 2009

Today we met for 6-8 miles. It was a cold rainy day (sound familiar?).. I was expecting a low turnout figuring some would wait for the sun tomorrow perhaps. I was pleasantly surprised to find a good turnout. We chatted about the marathon and half marathon next weekend and finalized arrangements to meet at Rocky at 6am. Then we headed out. I ran with Anne today. She wanted to talk walk breaks and I was ok with that. I wasn't in any hurry to finish and I felt good running or walking. She is doing the half on Sunday as well. Her second. She told me she had originally planned to train just for the Distance Run in September and decided to keep going. That's cool.

I think I have a spring marathon picked out now. Mary was wearing a shirt form the Capy May County Marathon 2008. Officially it's called the Ocean Drive Marathon. I've often thought a jersey shore marathon would be neat. She said it was excpet of the bridges and runing into the wind. Still, being down there is so much fun. It is the last weekend in March which is iffy weather wise but strange one that I am I think that adds to the excitement of it. I won't sign up until after Goofy. I want to see how I feel after that. Maybe I wont' be up for training for another one so close. The way I feel now is great but I want to make sure that holds. Hmmm just took a look at the registration. It goes up $10 after December 31st. Wonder if I should commit that early... I'll think about that.

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