Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another good one

Today the temperature was about 45 when I got home from work. It had stopped raining but the air was still thick with moisture. It was also getting windy. I asked Dave if he minded waiting for me to run before dinner. He said he was impressed that I was even going out. I shushed him because I knew I could be easily talked out of it. It was so nasty out.

I had plotted out a 4.5 mile route through Media. The bulk of it was spent running between 5th and Baker on the major roads across town. It was an awesome run once again. I felt really good and finished strong.

The only thing to mar this run was that I was almost hit by a car three times. In Media, people are generally good to runners, i've noticed. If I'm within a few strides of the intersection most will wait for me to cross. I still slow down to make sure but they are really nice about it. Tonight I slowed twice to an intersection where a car was approaching. There were no other cars so when the car didnt move on I figured they could only be waiting for me. Both times, as I was in front of the car it started to move. How rude! I figure either they weren't natives or they had been playing with the radio or something (explaining the delay in movement) and i couldn't see that in the dark. I had a white shirt on and a reflective vest so if they had looked they had to see me! The third near miss was someone backing out of a parking spot along Baker street in front of Trader Joe's. I always watch there for lights on the cars. This person had no runnnig or parking lights on and by the time i saw the back up lights I was already behind the car.

But it was a good run! :)

Off tomorrow, then 6 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday. Saturday will be our last official Phillyfit run as the MArathon and Half Marathon races are on Nov 22nd. It's hard to believe it's been 6 months since we started training together.

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