Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Sunday WAS just a blip....

I woke up at 6 but decided I had enough time to let myself sleep until 7. I got up had my raisin bagel with peanut butter and water. I packed my belt with gu, filled my water bottles and headed to Oaks. I walked down the path to the trail and I was off.

I headed right first to go down to the zero marker. The plan then was to go out to 6 and then back to where I started for a total of 12 miles. Oh did I mention the sun was out today? What a different that makes. The sun was out last Sunday too but it just wasn't my day as you know if you read that post. Today the miles seem to fly by... well as flying as they can for me anyway. It was a very enjoyable run. I even missed a couple of the 1/2 mile markers and had run a full mile before I even realized it.

I originally planned to go 4 miles then stop for gu and stretching. At 4 though I felt so good that I kept going and took a gu on the move (I found out I do not like chocolate by the way. It was the only one of that flavor I had and i'm glad for that now) Anyway, stopping to stretch didn't feel necessary and I didn't want to lose momentum so I continued on to the 6 then stopped to stretch before heading back.

Tomorrow is a rest day then I'll do short mileage around Media on Tuesday, Gym on Wednesday and short mileage again on Thursday. Then off for two days before the Philly half on Sunday. I'm skipping back to back runs this weekend because I'd like to have fun on Sunday and run for time. I haven't settled yet what the time goal will be. I'll put it here later. Of course my first goal is to have fun and to finish! :)

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