Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gym workout; speedwork on the treadmill

I realized this morning that I will miss my run tomorrow because we are going to the Nova game at the Wachovia Center. Yeah, I know it's 'only' Kutztown but I like seeing the team play in person no matter who the oppponent is. And look at Syracuse getting beat by some Div II team last night so anything can happen, right? But I digress.... realizing that I would miss my run I considered skipping the gym for an outdoor run tonight. I need the gym workouts though just as much as the running. I need the strength and core exercises. Of course I could do the gym and run outside but I'm not motivated to do that. So I opted to go to the gym and instead of the bike I did a speek workout on the treadmill.

Tomorrow will be a full day at work, then the basketball game followed (I hope) by the end of the Phillies-Yankees game when we get home. They are losing 2-1 in game 6 as I type. It's still early. :)

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