Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daylight savings time has ended

I knew this. My clocks were all carefully turned back on Saturday night before bedtime. I forgot, though, how much that affects the after-work run. I set out tonight at 4:47 in relative daylight and returned an hour later in need of my reflective vest. Fortunatly the shirt I chose was not dark but it still wasn't sufficient if I was not in someone's headlights or under a street lamp. Note to self: where vest! I may have to get a lamp as well. I almost lost my footing on some as yet unidentified object in the road between streetlamps.

Depite the surprise of darkness it was a good run. About 5 miles combined from two previos routes. Some flat, some hills. No aches pains or mental hinderances at all. :)

Here is a link to David Letterman last night. "Top Ten Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind When Running the New York City Marathon" read by the winnner Meb Keflezighi. Pretty funny, I thought.

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