Saturday, November 7, 2009

USAFIT Phily: 5 degress of separation

5 Degrees.. that's how much warmer it was this morning compared to the 2008 Philly Marathon run. It was 31 when I left the house at 7:15 compared to 26 at the 7:00 start on Nov 22, 2008. It's amazing how much difference 5 degrees can make. Don't get me wrong it was COLD! I had to scrape frost of my windows before leaving and I needed head gear, gloves, running tights and layers to run but it didn't feel nearly as bitter as it did last November.

We were a small group this week. It seems we've been pretty small since the Marathon closed out and people didn't get in. Next year we will have to convince people to sign up early. I ran mostly with Angie, Maureen and Brenda but I turned around before them for a total of about 8 miles they went 10. I'm going out again tomorrow for 16 and really want to stick to my Goofy training schedule. Not that the extra two would have killed me but I wasn't feeling 100% so I took it careful.

Today it was my back. I usually don't stretch until halfway or every 4-5 miles of a run. I think when it's this cold though I should do some gentle strectches for my back. I'll try that next time (which may be tomorrow). The run was uneventful except for my back.

Our speaker today was Ira Meyers who won the Marathon in 1986. He is a podiatrist in Montgomery County. I talked about race prep in the next two weeks. Mainly he said there is nothing you can do that is going to make it any better. The key is to stay healthy. He suggested of course trying to get good sleep on Thurs and Fri before becauase Saturday night there are too many nerves.

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