Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two in a row

I opted for 3 miles on hills today. Again another awesome run. I had to work for it and it felt great. I need store some of this great for Saturday run. 70% chance of rain, likely thunderstorms and about 65. At least it will be warmer than the past two weekends.

I'm still debating the route for Sunday. I can go in to the city and run the river between the Art Museum and the Falls Bridge. 8.4 each loop. I'd need about 2.5 loops to get the miles in. The pros with that one is the water fountain at the boathouse means I dont have to carry a full water belt which would be nice for such a long run. The cons is boredom. Running almost three times around might drive me nuts.

Choice #2 is to do an out and back along the Schuykill River and Perkiomen Trails. The big con to that is lack of water stops. I'd have to carry a full water belt. The pro is the familiarity with the trail

Choice #3 is to chunk it up into four out and backs with Betzwood Park as the center. Water and bathrooms at Betzwood and the four chunks are different lengths to keep it interesting. Interesting is important when running 20 alone. I don't use an ipod.

I'm fairly certain it's going to be choice #3.

And first to get through 12 miles in the rain on Saturdy.... and keep the morale of the others in the group on the positive. I love a challenge! :)

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