Friday, October 23, 2009

Still rain in the forecast

The forecast for tomorrow gets grimmer by the minute. Still about 70% chance of rain and probable thunderstorms but I haven't really heard any committment as to when the thunder storms are coming. Let's hope later in the day because we will have to cancel the run if it does.

On another but still running related note, i've decided to organize some cheer zones for the Philly Marathon for USAFIT Philly runners. I'm doing the Half that day and so are some others. We have some phillyfitters who are not running at all due to injury or maybe they did a marathon earlier. I'm hoping to get some of each of these groups to form some cheer zones for both the half and full marathon runners that day. I can think of half a dozen spots we could cover. Even if no one else steps up I plan to stay after finishing my hafl to cheer on the full runners. It wil be fun.

I am blessed to have family at most of my races. My husband has been to all but one so far and both he and my daughter stood in the freezing temperatures at last year's marathon. Not everyone has family though and they've worked so hard for six months. And even if they do have friends and family along the route so extra cheering will alwasy be appreciated.

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