Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rainy run walk

So the temperature was 68 when I left the house. By the time I arrived at our meeting spot at 7:15, blue skies were peeking through the clouds. I knew that wouldn't last and it didn't. Still all in all it was an ok run. We started out in about 99% humidity.. however close you can get to 100% without actually raining. It wasn't until about mile 5.5 that the rains came and by that time it was actually refreshing.

I think our total today was 11 rather than 12; but hey whats a mile among friends :). I started out with my usual. "I'll run until that hill and then walk a bit" The hills on this route were strategically placed for that I was lucky. I changed strategies though. About mile 6 or so Helen and Mark leap frogged me twice doing a walk run thing. 2 minutes walking 1 minute running (a la Jeff Galloway). Helen and Mary had used the strategy in the Baltimore Marathon and it worked well. After they caught up to me the second time I decided to finish with them. The 2 minutes running was faster than I normally run but it was ok, telling myself I only have to keep this up for two minutes and then I can walk for a minute.

We finished at an average pace of about 11:35 per mile. Had I kept running I would have slowed down (without the benefit of the walk breaks) and probably finished at a slower average and well behind them. I felt good when we were done too. I felt like I ran well and recovered pretty quick.

It'd be nice to try this tomorrow on my 20 miler but I don't wear a running watch so I'd have to figure the intervals on my own. I could do it by feel. Run a quick pace for about 10 seconds longer than I think I can hold it (which is how it felt today) and then walk until I can just about catch my breath again (which is how the walk break felt). We'll see.

I've changed my mind on the route for tomorrow. The route we took today was partly new and I liked it. If I had gone all the way to the end of the one path it would be 6 out and back to the start. So I think I'll do that but when I get back to Betzwood I'll go 4 out and back toward Norristown to get the final 8 in and then head over the bridge to the start. Two water bottles should hold up until returning to Betzwood where I can refill.

Stay tuned :)

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