Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Awesome run

Today I swapped a gym day for a run outside. What a great run. 4 loops of the neighborhood for a total of about 5.6 miles. 65 degrees, DRY and sunny. I've had so many crappy outdoor runs in a row I needed a good one.

The first loop my shins were tight; no doubt a leftover rebellion to the Sunday treadmill run. After the first loop they loosened right up and the next two loops went by smoothly. No pains in the ankles, knees or hips. I wasn't breaking any land speed records (well let's face it I never do) but I was moving a nice comfortable pace that didn't feel like I was dogging it either. On the last loop my right ankle (the one I sprained) and knee started to twinge. I was so excited and feeling good I couldn't let that stop me.

That got me to thinking; the key to this running thing is good hydration, nutrition and a good mood. Without those, the little twinges make you want to stop.

The weather tomorrow and Thursday is forecasted for just as nice so I may avoid the gym altogether this week and take advantage of it. I'll try to do 3-5 on both days before resting on Friday. Our group run on Saturday calls for 12 miles (and it's supposed to be raining again with possible thunderstorms...*Sigh*).

I have to start giving some thought to my Sunday run that follows that. I plan to do 20;back to bcak with the 12 this will be the first test for Goofy. The question is where to run the 20.

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