Monday, October 5, 2009

More thoughts on Saturday's run

The thing that is so great about it is that not once did I feel like I was not going to or could not finish. Last year when we hit 18+ miles I finished each run feeling totally spent and depressed. It was scary to be out there and feel like you shouldn't be there. That happened in the marathon too. Everyone said, "You hit the wall". Ok, but what did that really mean. On Saturday I didn't hit it.. and now I know what it means. I had read about it, I had been told about it but I never really got it. Until I had something to compare it to.

Properly hydrated and fueled was as much necessary for my brain as it was for my body. I hurt in the last miles of Saturday's run. But I was able to deal with it and work with it. I was able to think my way through it. I don't think I'm explaining this well but it's an amazing revelation.

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