Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Running against the wind...

... and with the wind and across the wind. It was windy tonight.. did you get that?

I came home from work and watched the end of the Phillies game (we won 7-1). I closed my eyes between innings and almost fell asleep. I had dressed for running though as soon as I got home to hedge against just that.

I decided to do four laps around my neighborhood, about 5.5 miles. I felt awkward the first lap but by the second I had hit a rhythm and felt pretty good. As I started the third though my hip started to bother me. It was like a burning more than soreness. I walked a few steps and it went away. I stretched and continued running and it returned. So I did a walk/run thing for the rest of lap 3 and called it quits.

Oh and I did got the the gym yesterday for an hour.... weights and bike.

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