Sunday, October 4, 2009

The day after

Ok I woke up this morning and stepped gingerly out of the bed. My quads are very sore and my ankle a bit too. I opted right then not to run today. I think I knew that even when I went to bed last night but any shred of doubt was gone in the morning.

I am pleased to say nothing is damaged. I think I knew that too. I was doing a mental check of all my body parts as I ran yesterday. I wore my ankle brace for the day today and tried to keep moving; tried to avoid sitting for too long stretches. I tried to go up and downstairs a few times and do some slow gentle stretches too. As the day wore on it took fewer and fewer steps to feel comfortable. Although walking downstairs will still take another day I think. So all in all I think I've faired well after the long lay off. Today and tomorrow are all about recovery then and I'll be back to routine, I hope, on Tuesday.

Let's hope I can stay healthy now and not have to go through this again!

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