Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cold cold rain

Last November we ran 26.2 miles in the cold... 26 degrees of it to be precise. On that day, however, it was sunny and dry. Today the temp was about 41 when I left the house and it was cloudy, gray and sun to speak of.

Last night there were some emails exchanged; should the run be cancelled? 15 miles is about 3 hours for the red group.. that's a long time to be exposed to the conditions we expected. It was decided that we would send out a warning email but show up and see who else showed up and take it from there. Well 12 people all told showed up at 7:30 at the Valley Forge Visitors Center parking lot. In hindsight I think we could have predicted the 12! LOL.

The yellow group (8-10 minute milers) decided to stick it out for the 15 miles. The red group (10 minute and slower) opted for the 5 mile loop and to re-evaluate after that. I think we knew going into it that we would only do the five. So off we went.

Once you get moving it 's not so so bad. I do not have a proper rain hat and I felt the effects on my head pretty quickly. My shoes came untied twice.... After the second time I double knotted them. I usually don't double and they stay doubling them makes it harder to get them off as they seem to tighten up. But I guess the rain made them more slippery. I stuck with Brenda and we finished a little of 5 miels in 57 minutes. Not bad for such crappy conditions.

We headed straight for the washroom to change into dry clothes and that helped. I did not change my socks which was a mistake and the chill took hold of me pretty quick once the rest of me cooled off from running. I need to invest in a proper running rain repellent hat and jacket. Maybe at the Marathon or Gooffy expo I'll find a decent deal.

So five miles in the books today. Not the planned 15 but compared to how I felt this past Wednesday it was a good run. I need to get some distance in again soon though. Tomorrow is supposed to be just as messy as today so I may opt for the gym rather than go through this again.

Glad it's over. Now on to some needed Kohl's shopping (with a 15% off card) and then home to watch football and catch up on shows I missed during the Philies games.

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