Saturday, September 19, 2009

9 miles and the expo

I adjusted my plan for 10 miles today so I wouldn't keep anyone waiting. Here's what happened. About 12 of us showed up for the regular group run today. Most of the running group are in the Distance Run tomorrow and took the day off. Of those that showed up this morning, only 3 were not running tomorrow. They set out to do the full 10. The rest planned to do 5. As the three increased the distance between me and them I decided to turn around at 4.5 so that, even if they passed me on the way back (they didn't) I wouldn't keep anyone waiting especially since they would have returned so much earlier. It was a gorgeous day for running; just a bit cool at the beginning. I will have to bring my headband tomorrow to keep my ears warm. I was uncomfortable the first 2 miles and tomorrow it may be a bit cooler still.

So after I drove home for a quick shower and then off the to the train station to head into town for the expo which seemed smaller than last year; less vendors. The shirt is nice. Not as nice as last year's marathon shirt - it will be hard to beat that for a while - but it is a tech shirt rather than a t shirt like last year. I will still wear my Phillyfit shirt for the run but it's nice to have another running shirt.

I was able to get another pair of sneakers and stock up on gus all for less than I could get the same sneakers at the local running store. I also found an extra pouch for my belt for about $5. I made the mistake of not eating lunch before going down so I had to stop at Cinnabon on the way to the train going home. I could only eat half of it though.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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