Friday, September 11, 2009

15 mile long run tomrrow

Well it's still raining and it sounds like it might still be rainy and cool for our long run tomorrow. Strangely enough I'm looking foward to it. I've felt so good on the days I did go out this week that I'm feeling really positive about the run. I have to be careful not to go too excited and go out too fast. I have to remember that my goal now is Goofy and running strong is more important than running for time. Running for time really never was my focus but it is even more different now. I want to finish both races for Goofy feeling good, not depleted like I was after the Philly Marathon.

So tomorrow is 15 miles and next week a lot of us will be running the Philly Distance Run. Hard to belive it's here already. I received my confirmation in email and my corral # is 14. I looked at the prediction time I must have sent it with my registration and I have to say... WHAT WAS I TIHNKING? LOL