Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yup 15 miles in the rain

Which is actually not so bad. It was a fine misty rain and the temperature was about 60 so really it was ok. I woke up still feeling good about it in advance and the jet lag that had been dogging me during the week seemed to have passed over as well.

So up at 5:30 with the usual pre-run meal; 1/2 raisin bagel with peanut butter, banana and water. Filled up my water bottles; 2 with water, 2 with decaf green tea. Packed GU and electrolyte caps in my pouch and off I went to meet the group at Valley Forge.

The plan to cover the distance was once aroung the loop (5.5), then across the bridge to betzwood, then 2 miles in one direction and back, then 2.5 in the other direction and back and over the bridge again. Over the bridge and back is about 1.5. I finished in three ours which is a very respectable time for me on a long run. A gu at mile 4 and mile 8, a salt capsule at 5 and 10, three one minute walk breaks each followed by stretches before resuming the run.

I made one almost fatal error. After the second walk/stretch I decided to run harder to catch up with two of the group I had been running with. Big mistake. Running hard is fine at the end of a long run but not 2/3 of the way through. I think that was the reason I needed a third break. BUT I did finish and still ran hard on the home stretch. My legs were pretty wobbly though.

My ankle is a bit achy and again that's my fault. Usually after long run i'll ice it and have Dave work it around for me. I didn't do this in my haste to change and get out the door to visit my daughter. Next time I'll take the time. It would have only meant another half hour before leaving.

After talking to some of the group after the run, it seems a lot of us were on some kind of out of mind experience when choosing our Distance Run predicted finish time. Few seem confident about making the time. Of coure there are some that always say that. For me though.. that isn't the case. Honest. Last year I finished 2:25 and change. Well I predicted 2:17 and change for this year. And I know the reason too. I registered shortly after the Broad Street Run which was a fantastic run for me and I guess I was figuring that if I kept at it I could improve that much on the PDR.

To put a more realistic spin on it, I'll be very happy to best my time from last year by any amount and still happy to simply finish. I will be running with the group on Saturday the day before to continue my preparation for back to back running for Goofy. They plan 10 miles. I haven't decided if I will go the whole 10 or not. I'd like to and then to be able to finish the PDR the next day in good form would be considered a success. In a perfect world.....

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