Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time on my feet

That was the phrase one of my group used today to describe my effort today. I like it. It fits.

I was going to skip the group meeting today. In the end I decided to go and travel with the walkers. The neat thing about Phillyfit is we have groups for all and they are very fluid. You can move between them as you need to. And todya I needed to not run so the walkers were perfect for me.

I wrapped my ankle in an ace bandage and headed to Valley Forge. Our meeting time was 7:30. We had a seminar on nutrition before during and after runs first and then took off. I finished 8 miles. I had to slow down from time to time as I felt a pull in my ankle at those times. All in all it felt good though. It's a little stiff right now and - after finishing up a few Saturday chores - I'm taking it easy the rest of the day and more or less tomorrow too.

I stopped at the pharmacy on the way home and picked up a stronger support for my ankle. The ace bandage worked well at work on Friday but not for an 8 mile walk. It shifted around too much. Yet if I had wrapped it tighter I would have circulation issues. I think it's just too stretchy.

On Monday, assuming all continues to go well, I'll go out for a run/walk thing if I can. I tried to jog a few steps today and after three steps I knew the ankle wasn't ready. I intend to be just as conservative on Monday and for as long as it takes. I don't want to be a baby about this but I also have to acknowledge that I'm almost 50 and I intend to still be walking/running when I'm 70 or more!

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