Thursday, July 9, 2009


Rest, ice, compression and elevation. And if no improvement in 5-7 days come back for an MRI. That was the doctor's advice. So here I sit ice pack on my ankle, pillow underneath feeling rather cranky.

Update: By the time I went to bed last night I had iced it three times yet the swelling did not seem to be much better. I had to crawl up the stairs. After a few false starts I managed to find a somewhat less painful position to sleep and did manage to sleep through the night. But getting up this morning at 6 am I did not feel strong on it at all. So I opted to skip work and make a doctor appointment which I was able to get for 1:20.

The swelling had gone down some overnight. I can walk on it but I'm not doing and one legged stands. The thing that bothers me is that every so many steps, when I take them, my ankle yells back and kind of gives way. After some gently prodding and twisting the doctor decided on the 'conservative approach' (his words) and leave it be for a week. He said the more I can rest it the better and faster it will recover and if not better in a week to come back for an MRI.

Blood pressure 104/62 and heart rate 67. At least there is plenty of wiggle room there for when the crankies hit because I shouldn't run or walk distances until this is better. Running and walking are what keep me sane. I can be as lazy as the next one if the mood strikes but I also have to be able to get up and go when the mood strikes. *Sigh*

Doc also checked out my other bumps and bruises (palm, shoulder, head) and agreed with me that they were nothing serious. A litle sore but I'll survive.

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