Thursday, July 2, 2009

10 mnutes and back to take a nap

For the third day in a row Iwoke up tired. Yesterday was day two. I did manage 2 miles easy as the schedule called for yesterday. That actually made me feel better (as did my workout on Tuesday). So I decided to try again today. Today's workout called for 30 minutes total with Tempo in the middle. My plan was to warm up and cool down with a half mile easy and do two miles tempo separated by another half mile easy. I think some (I don't know who exactly.. but I've read it) would say a tempo should be at least two miles at once. I knew that wasn't going to happen though so believing that tempo is sustained higher pace at a distance longer than speed intervals I went with a mile.

However, my body had other plans today. I avoided the temptation to go right for the couch when I arrived home. I headed out and after the first half mile I was still feeling really sluggish (usually by that time I'm starting to pep up a a bit) So I changed my strategy to finish the planned 3.5 miles at an easy pace.. easier than usual even if I had to. I made it barely another half mile and stopped. I wasn't any more comfortable and my brain would not focus on anything but how I tired I felt. I walked back home, cleaned up and now I'm headed to my couch for a nap.

Tomorrow is my rest day for the week. I'm probably going to keep it and then meet some Phillyfitters on Saturday for an unofficial run on the Valley Forge Loop. Stay tuned....

Edit (later that evening...) ok now I have a mild sore throat and really dry eyes..... so maybe there is a reason for the tiredness that isn't just old age..... The first thing I will do tomorrow is not get up early.

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