Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today's workout called for 30 mintues with hills.

I woke up this morning tired. I did not improve as the day progressed and by the time I arrived home from work I was ready for a nap. I am determined not to skip workouts this year - barring injury I want to at least try each one. I can always bag them if I get out there and I'm still not up to it and I have done that. So I had a quick sandwich with Dave before he went to do softball. Then I headed to the couch to sip water and watch Action News for an hour. I could feel myself slipping so I also grabbed a handful of M&M's figuring the sugar rush would help get me out the door.

I ran an easy mile over and around to 8th street. I did remember a water bottle this time and put it down at the bottom of the hill. I don't think I put as much effort into it this week as last week but I did manage six times up the hill (one more than last week) and then a slow jog home. The running energized me (or maybe it was the high of knowing I fought through and finished..maybe a little of both).

After returning home I showered and headed to Kohls with my coupons to buy much needed socks and underwear. TMI, I know but that's life.

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