Sunday, June 14, 2009

A nice day for a walk...

...but that was after I finished my walk.

I went out for four miles this morning. The air was thick with moisture and very cloudy. It wasn't so much raining as it was simply condensing on surfaces including my skin. It was a pleasant walk anyway, mostly because I enjoy walking and it was a quiet Sunday morning in Media. The Bike for Sight event was set up by the courthouse. I wonder how the weather impacted the attendance? I saw few other walkers and joggers.

Just as I approached home the sun came out and stayed out. An hour later the humidity had mostly burned off and it was a nice day the rest of the day. Timing is everything.

My plan this week is to get out for easy runs on Mon, Tues and Wed somewhere between 2-4 miles each. Off on Thursday and the Media Five Mile on Friday. My goals for the race

1) Have fun.
2) Finish
3 Beat last year's time: Chip time 53:59/Gun Time 54:32

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