Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15

Today it was an easy 4 miles right after work. It's inetersting to me that a year ago I would have seriously struggled just at the thought. Tonight I looked forward to it.

As I ran I thought about strategy for the five miler on Friday. I think the key is to go out easy... even easier than usual. The first quarter of the race has two hills; one on front street then after rolling up and down a bit on Olive Street the 'big hill' on Eight Street. The key for me will be to get up these two hills without using up all my energy and mental resources. After cresting 8th Street it's pretty much downhill back to State Street. I can make up time through that portion then ease my wa across State Street and do the whole cycle again. Once I arrive on State Street the second time I'll kick it to the end.

I discovered today that if I slow to a walk break I am better if I stretch my calves before going into a run again. So instead of 60 second walk breaks; I'll go for 45, stretch and then back to running. At least that worked tonight.

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