Sunday, June 28, 2009

Definitely the half

Today I took a walk. It was another gorgeous day (two in a row) and I went for a 6.25 mile walk. I almost forgot how much I really enjoy walking. While out I mulled over quite a few things. The one I want share now is my decision to run the half marathon in November rather than the full. Given that the entrance fee goes up after June 30th, I decided the time was now to figure out what I wanted.

I will do a marathon again. I really want to. Before I do Philadlephia again, I'll do a full somewhere else. If you've been reading this blog you know that when I run I have two goals. To have fun and to finish. Although I don't always put them in that order they are. I finished Philly on November 22, 2008. I am very very proud of that. I worked hard, set a goal and did it. I finished.

I did not have fun.

I fell at mile 12. I struggled up Lemon Hill and by mile 17 I had to walk. I walked most of the miles from 17 to the start of 22. I cried through Manyunk. I was cold, tired, out of energy and desparate to get to the end. I couldn't quit though. One of the runners from my group passed me going the other way and turned back to hug me. Bless her. I made a point to thank her later and she never said a word about it again. Bless her.

All negative thoughts left me when I crossed the finish line to find my daughter and husband cheering wildly. They had waited in 26 degree weather for much longer than needed (Since I had to walk some) and they were cheering like crazy. I love them! And then when I got home I found my sisters had kept running emails between them tracking my progress. I love them too.. (the sistere I mean..although the emails were good :) ) Reading those made me smile and feel so good. That people cared enough to do all that and that I finished were the things I focused on in the months following.

I will train with Phillyfit as if I am running 26.2 in November but I will only do 13.1 (and then stay to cheer like crazy for the full marathoners). I will work hard this season to get stronger and to solve the fueling problems that caused me to hit the wall so early. And I may succeed which means physically I could be ready to run the 26.2...but I am fearful that I will get out there and the memories of how it felt will do me in.

So this year I will run two half marathons. One in September (Philly Distance Run) and one in November (Philly Half Marathon). And then I'll decide when and where to run a full marathon in 2010. After I complete one elsewhere successfully I'll return to conquer Philly. I know there are other full marathons in the fall of 2009, but my vacation time and budget will keep me from being ready in time or to travel to them.

So I've made my decision, it makes sense and I'm good with it.

Thanks for listening.

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