Saturday, June 27, 2009

Signs of improvement

Today was an 8 mile run with Phillyfit. We met at the vistors parking lot at Valley Forge. Apparently there is a problem with our old meeting spot. I think the park wanted to charge us or something like that.

Anyway, I headed out with a group of 7; Angie, Doreen, Jeff, Brenda, Samantha, Maureen and I. I really should know better than to try to keep pace with Doreen and Angie (Jeff said the same thing at the end of our run) but it felt comfortable so I did. The good news is I kept pace with them for just about 5 miles. Then I had to drop back. Samantha dropped back with me. That was nice since we had not met yet so we had a lot of introductory talk to keep us occuppied.

It was pretty humid when we started today's run. We headed out over the betzwood bridge which may open to car traffic some day. Some day for Betzwood is defined about the same as "some day" was defined for the blue route and we all know how quick THAT was. If you don't know, the blue route planning started before I was was born and has only opened about 18 years ago; and I'll be 50 this year. Do the math..

Meanwhie Betzwwood is a convenient way to get to the 422 bridge over the Schuykill River and on to the Schuykill River Trail. We headed torward Oaks our previous meeting spot and turned around just before we got there. Most of the run was shaded except for the portion as you go outside of Valley Forge Park along 422 to the Perkiomen Trail. Dubbed the Sahara by some for its lack of trees. The exhaust fumes and car are somethign else too! LOL. This is where I had to drop back on the return trip.

Samantha and I took two short walk breaks and made it the rest of the way not too far behind the rest. The best news for me is that I still have energy. Last year, each Saturday was consumed by running. I had little left in the tank for anything else. I planned almost nothing on Saturdays and if there was something to do (involving other people and being presentable) I would have to pop lots of aleve and try to take a nap before going out again. Today I finished, feel great and have enough left that I'm going out to mow the lawn (with a push mower) in about half an hour. I'm getting better!

50 here I come...kicking and screaming! LOL

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