Saturday, April 23, 2016

When it Rains on Plan A

You go to plan B, right?

Well here's the thing. Plan A was a bike ride. When we set it up the forecast was good and even though it waffled during the week it still looked good for today. Rain showers to end by 8 am. Perfect. Well the clouds either really liked our hospitality or they were too drunk too float. By this morning it looked like we would have rain during out ride.

Plan B then was to run. I knew Sara and Maggi were planning to run after the ride so I wore my running shoes (bike still in the back of the car just in case). When I arrived at the meeting spot it was raining pretty steady and got more so as time wore on. By 8 am it was coming down enough that we didn't even want to run in it. *sigh* So we left. As I drove home it lightened up. But I was heading more or less East and so was the storm so I knew it would catch up with me if I tried to run at home.

Since my watch was already set for 1 and 2 intervals I decided to use it. First, 1 minute up and down our stairs. During the 2 minute interval I did 30 cross body punches (15 each side), 30 jumping jacks, 30 cross body marches (15 each side). Any remainder in the 2 minute interval was spent doing runner stretches, hip hinges or warrior 2. I had less time for stretches in the last few intervals as my body wanted to cheat on form and I had to work harder to avoid slouching while moving through the jumping jacks and cross body work.

My goal was to keep moving for the 12 intervals I had set up for running and I did. I worked up a very satisfying sweat too. Although, that may be just as much due to the humidity as anything else.

Sometimes you have to go to Plan C.

Keep smiling and keep moving
- Paula

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