Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Boot Camp Class #2 - [Don’t] Hate the Trainer

Last night I attended Bella Boot Camp again. For a recap of last week, click here. During the final series of exercises we were instructed to do a jog in place while touching opposite hands to knees and then to toes for 30 seconds. It’s as funny looking as you may be picturing it. One of my camp buddies commented something like “Ok, I can NOT hate you for 30 seconds”. Our trainer, Maggi, replied “Hate me, just don’t hate you”. Those were likely not her exact words but more the impression I got from what she actually said. And therein, for me anyway, lies the reason for doing this.

Strength training is a necessity. I do not doubt that. Even if I didn't want to hike, bike (and maybe someday run again), strength training is really important if one wants to continue moving through life. Despite my best efforts and intentions it is not something I’m good at sticking with on my own. Boot Camp - strength training with a group and a trainer - is what I need. The support of the trainer and my fellow camp buddies keeps me moving (and yes smiling) through the exercises. There is a lot of good-natured teasing during the sessions but I think we all agree the ‘torture’ is worth it.

Torture is of course the wrong word for what is happening. I’ll prove it to you. Here is a definition of torture: “the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone to force them to do or say something…” Let’s break it down -

  • Any pain is self-inflicted (no one made us attend) 
  • If it hurts it’s because we are stretching the limits of what can do (and will be amazed later at how much more we can do if we stick with it)
  • Forced to do or say something? Aside from the good natured teasing and motivational chat among us, what I've heard most often is “I should have started this sooner or I should do this more often”. 

A few words about pain. First, I feel way better today than the day after last week. I’m not sure if that is because I didn't work as hard or because my muscles have realized that I am determined and resistance is futile. (I hate the Borg but they have a great tagline). It’s weird but I kind of miss it. I’m NOT a no pain, no gain believer but there was something about feeling the soreness the day after that made me feel strong. Second, Maggi is careful to make sure we do not hurt ourselves. We have to speak up, though. Last night I had pain in my left shoulder that I knew was not supposed to be there. No problem, Maggi modified the exercise for me.

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses and each is at a different level of fitness. It doesn't matter. As Maggi says “The biggest challenge is you vs. YOU.” Not one person is judging or watching you out there. I know I get so focused on trying to do the exercises fully and completely that I’m only vaguely aware of the others until someone yells something encouraging to me or another. It’s awesome.

If  you are a local and would like to join us click here for more information including links to contact MPower Training.

Keep smiling and keep moving

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